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Research Questions

In the context of these political and ideological developments surrounding the Muslims of Western Thrace, KEITH will address the following question:

What were the effects of these developments on the minority, and what options did minority members adopt to face this new challenge?

Here, a number of themes will be explored:  

a. What was the internal response of the minority?

In this context, the research examines the key determining factors that led a significant section of the local Muslim community to adopt the new ideals, rather than abiding by their old Islamic traditions. To understand this transition, a number of key cleavages will be analysed, including geographical (highlands/lowlands), ethnic (Turks/Pomaks); social and educational.

b. What was the impact of Kemalism on the minority’s internal power structure?

The main objective here is to explore: the clash between Kemalists and conservatives over ideology, religion and education; old and new emerging political elites; the role of the Turkish Consulate in Komotini and Greek-Turkish relations; and parallels between developments in Western Thrace and Turkey at large.

c. What was the impact of Kemalist ideology on the minority’s relations with the Greek authorities?

Here the analysis focuses on: the (diverse) pattern of relations and the nature of representations to the Greek authorities; how did the new ideals influence the minority’s relations with other ethnic groups in Western Thrace, as well, as their kin in neighbouring Bulgaria; the pattern of the minority’s political representation in the mainstream Greek political scene; the factors that determined the policy of the local Greek authorities and the government vis-à-vis this growing Kemalist influence.

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